Antimicrobial safety

in fibers and fabrics

A new antimicrobial designed to bring you increased, long-lasting protection

White Cotton Fabric

New technology, new frontiers

AG+FRESH brings you a new concept in antimicrobial nanotechnology.


A product developed by Nanox, a reference in the area.


More quality, greater benefit

The virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal action of AG+FRESH adds value to products, providing more protection and benefits to consumers.

Clean Bubbles

Different versions

for different clients

Technology and specificity are key for the functionality and high efficiency of AG+FRESH .


For this reason, we have developed two distinct formats for incorporating the AG+FRESH technology into textile products.



The AG+FRESH additive is incorporated in the extrusion process for producing multifilaments and monofilaments


AG+FRESH is impregnated in the textile finishing processes - ideal for the areas of fabric weaving and dyeing.



Technology in practice

Antiviral - Bactericide - Fungicide

Image by Fusion Medical Animation


Coronavirus deactivation by 99.99% in just 2 minutes

A study with the renowned Virology Research Center of the Institute of Biological Sciences at the University of São Paulo shows that textiles using AG+FRESH technology reach the 99,99% inhibition percentage of the virus in just 2 minutes.


Cópias de virions/mL

Material sem tecido

Tecido sem tratamento

Tecido com AG+Fresh

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 12.16.06.png



Image by CDC
AATCC 147.png


Bactericidal action

In the same study, results were obtained against S. aureus (gram-positive) and E. coli (gram-negative) bacteria. The difference between untreated and AG+FRESH-treated textile samples is evident.

Image by Michael Schiffer

AATCC 1004

Quantitative antimicrobial analysis

We also performed a quantitative analysis of antimicrobial activity in textiles treated with AG+FRESH, complying with AATCC 100.


The test included the bacteria S. aureus

(gram-positive) and E. coli (gram-negative), and the microorganism C. albicans (fungus).

TAB AATCC100.png
Image by Evie S.


tested and approved

AG+FRESH does not induce any process of primary skin irritability, accumulated skin irritability or sensitization.


It has been tested and approved

as safe to use.

Fur Carpet


AG+FRESH does not induce any photosensitizing or photoirritating process.


It is safe for topical use, in accordance with the ANVISA Security Guidelines.